FADICO Inc. delivers world class tools and strategies for all types of companies, organizations, and brands looking to optimize operations and maximize revenues while minimizing costs. FADICO is the new face of business and offers the most cutting edge techniques and strategies to get companies where they need to be. Management consulting for the new world.



Expert Operational & Financial Consulting

We provide clients the right tools and strategies to tackle problems and manage risk. With experience in the technology, financial services, healthcare, aerospace, and oil and gas industries, our experts provide what is necessary for companies to run as efficiently and with as much foresight as possible. For our smaller partners, we offer part-time CFO / COO services with full-time efficiency and expertise.



World Class Risk Management & Problem Solving to Get Results

We work with our clients to build long-term relationships as strategic partners by a foundation of success, experience, and ROI. Using proven Six Sigma methodology and Stanford University’s Strategic Decision and Risk Management structured problem solving methods, every solution is custom tailored for each client and each problem. The primary goal is to optimize company operations and maximize ROI.



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